In 1905, the hotel opened its doors for the first time. Back then as “Missionshotel Strandly'', where then owner Niels Hansen Jensen was ready to welcome the first guests. Before then, one of the great Skagen artists, Carl Locker, and his wife Anna, had also lived in the house.

After Niels Hansen Jensen's death in 1910, Marie Hansen bought the hotel in 1912, where after just a few years she applied for one approval after another to expand the hotel, as the hotel operations were going well. In 1920, the hotel was remodeled, where the artist Carl Hansen painted 10 paintings for the new dining room. The distinctive paintings hang there to this day.

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Over time, Marie Hansen supported the fine old style, and the hotel soon became a favorite seaside hotel. The location couldn't be better, as the hotel was on the fine beach promenade, where large fish exporter villas lay side by side with Admiralgaarden and Carl Locker's distinguished villa.

Marie Hansen toiled over the years to make the hotel better, but upon her death in 1953, the hotel needed extensive refurbishment. Estate agent H. Kjærsgaard Jensen took over the buildings and began larger and more extensive renovations. He sold the hotel to Jens Nielsen, who in the 1960s changed the appearance of the hotel, and the boring and unattractive style of the 60s gained ground.

When Grete Jensen and Kjeld Christensen took over the hotel in 1986, there were at that time 9 single rooms and 10 double rooms. They built on it, and in 1991 the hotel had 29 rooms. Grethe made no secret of the fact that she would like to see that all the extensions had kept the style from the 1920s, which Marie Hansen had made so much of. However, the interior was preserved in the old style with Carl Hansen's paintings, the old door and floor panels and small windows.

On 1 January 2023, Thomas Luca Andreasen and Kim Andreasen became the new owners of the 118-year-old Hotel Strandly.

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The renovation of the hotel is already in full swing, and huge changes will take place over the next few years. Of course, with deep respect for the old interior design style combined with the present.

The history of Hotel Strandly is long, but for us, it has only just begun. We look forward to welcoming guests.

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Welcome to Hotel Strandly.

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